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Imperial Apartments

Imperial Apartments

The largest conversion from office to residential space in the UK to this day. A mix of 465 studio, 1bed and 2 bed apartments spread over four storey building. The client has approached us to design, supply and install reliable Fire Alarm, Smoke Ventilation, Intercom, Access Control and Vehicle Gate Automation systems to meet the safety and security requirements.

System Breakdown

Fire Alarm – The system chosen to protect the premisses and give early warning to the managing staff is one of the best in the market at the moment. The management set up has been tailored to the client to allow them enough time to verify the issue before the alarm is raised. Total device number exceeds 900, with over 500 of the devices are smoke detection devices.

Smoke Ventilation – There are over 25 of AOVs that operate on a confirmed smoke detection within the emergency escape corridors and staircases.

Intercom – The IP based audio intercom network is operating from multiple calling access points that allows the visitors to contact the residents simultaneously from all available calling panels. The management staff are able to answer the delivery/services calls from the intercom panels while on the move thanks to an app on the smart phone.

Access Control – There are over 120 access-controlled doors that allow the management office to limit the access and antisocial behaviour elsewhere in the building. It also helps the management to keen a record of events, give and restrict access to the gym or IT suits.

Automatic gates – with over a 1000 parking spaces our gate automation skills have been successfully put to a test. It is linked directly to the intercom and access control system.

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